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Hello, my name is Eden. Just Eden. Simple. Just Eden.

I am an independent photographic ebony model based in London England.

This is my online home where you can get to know me a little bit better. The site has a selection of images from some of the photoshoots I have been a part of over the years. Of course I have produced thousands of images, so it would be near enough impossible to showcase them all. So if you visit the gallery page you will see there are four distinct categories - artistic, fetish, glamour, and headshots.

On this site you will be able to find where you can purchase images or collector's items such as coffeetable books or paintings of me. This is on the ’Shop' page. There is also a Freebies page where you can download wallpaper of me for your desktop or mobile device. And when you have indulged in a bit of optical nutrition don't forget to read my Blog and send some love. Would love to hear from you.

Professionally I am available for a variety of photographic shoots. You can see my modelling genre availability on this page. I am also a video honey - whether this is just shaking my booty or an acting role - as well as a promotional model.

I have been modelling since August 2007, when a cousin entered me into a pagaent show. I loved the whole experience, and ended up winning 1st Princess. That was brilliant! And I remember walking away thinking I wanted more of that!

When I first met Draken in 2008, my love for the macabre and gore was cemented. My sexy playful side was still very much there; but I loved playing with prosthetics to create bizarre and unusual looks. After all, every woman has a secret banshee hiding inside her somewhere. Draken simply helps me to release her.

Over the years I have had the good fortune to work extensively with people I admire and respect. I have made friends with them over time; and the quality of work we have produced has improved to reflect this. Modelling is a life journey for me. It enables me to explore myself and express myself artistically - whether I am messing about playfully, or pushing myself physically.

Some of the amazing talents I have worked with are:

Allan Jenkins

Antonio Taccone-Zott

Brian Brown

David Tovey


Luigi Petro

Melanie Nicol

Mike Crawley

Rob Player

Simon Richardson

Toby Mulligan

What Work I am Available For

I am available for a range of shoots as you can see on this page.

Please note though that this is my modelling website and is for the purpose of showcasing my work as well as booking work assignments with me.

And to clarify I DO NOT model hardcore work.

Just in case you were wondering....

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