Custom Shoots

Do you enjoy seeing me in my videos online?

Do you enjoy the many different characters that I embrace and play around with?

Do you have an idea or a script that you just WISH I would do but haven’t quite got round to it?

Do you have a specific script or theme you want me to act out?

Well I love what I do, and as you may be aware I produce some of my content in-house. I absolutely love to create and film, and am constantly thinking up creative storylines.

There are some things you may not be aware of:

- I am an avid actress. I have been since I was a wee lass.

- I write short fictional erotic literature.

- I have produced custom videos for clients over the past four years, these have ranged from 20 minutes to 2hours (an epic!!! one of my proudest!)

I am available for custom video shoots. This is regardless of wherever in the world you are based as I can email them to you upon completion or send a hard disc.

Great if you cannot make it to England to meet me in the flesh!

As an indicator here are some of the things that I will consider for custom shoots:

Ass worship
Body Worship
Boots or high heels fetishes
Cigar fetishism
Clothing modelling
Dom/sub play (no illegal stuff though)
Fantasy women
Glove fetishes
Lingerie or costume fetishes
Mythical creatures and demons
Naughty Schoolgirl
Pantyhose modelling and tease
Prosthetics-based shoots (I work frequently with an industry professional so sky is the limit)
Smoking fetishes
Soft girl/girl play
Specific fetishism (belly-button, farting, bubble-gum blowing, lipstick, fingernails)
Topless tease ( I have thick long nipples that are very sensitive *wink*)
This list is not exhaustive or limiting so please don’t limit yourself when coming up with ideas.

You can either email me a script to or we can discuss an idea you have and flesh it out.

Please note though that my custom shoots start from

£50 for a birthday or “wishing something” clothed  or nude video

£200 for a solo 20 minute clip

£500 GBP for a solo shoot with props or specific location not readily available

More for complex shoots, more actresses etc

and the turnaround time is 2 weeks or more depending on how complicated the script or scenes are.

Should you also have a specific outfit or set of props for me then please allow time for these to arrive in the post.

Furthermore if you require other models you will need to allow for their availability and budget for their booking rates.

I have access to a wide array of professional fetish models within the UK. Depending on what you require I will make recommendations and approach them for you.

I will not engage in email tennis prior to your deciding whether you want a custom shoot or not. Email me your enquiry using the Bookings Form and I will let you know if I can complete your request.

Look forward to working with you!!!

*NB* I reserve the right to use the content from any custom shoot on my website for member’s video clips or streaming. Unless the content is so specific as to be deemed to have no commercial value.

Should you wish for exclusivity for your custom content please make me aware of this from the beginning. The price for the work carried out will rise to reflect this.

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